Hello everyone. Here are some details of Desaru Beach.

The Typical Malaysian Village.

Designed to satisfy your "going back to nature".
So let us plan a truly exotic experience for you - tailored to your preferences if you wish, where you decide on what you see, at your own pace and at your leisure ……


Adventure Camp
Petting Zoo
Recreation Centre
Jungle Survival Village
Mini Forestry Museum
Team Building Programme
Sporting Facilities
Public Beach Park


Centrally located in Desaru Resort, this Petting Zoo is designed
to closely resemble the natural habitats of a variety of exotic pets and animals, which includes rabbits, ducks, birds, reptiles,
amphibians, fishes and others. These pets roam freely in specially designed aviaries and pools. Visitors will have an exciting experience of watching cute and cuddly colourful animals while relaxing in this beautiful and natural landscape.

At the Pet Corner, visitors can mingle with the friendly animals and birds such as rabbits, mini chickens (Ayam Serama), Pollish chicken, American’s lake duck and quails. Gasps in wonder as these pet’s animals feed from the palm of your hands or have your family photo taken with some of the cute little bunnies.

Walk alongside the Reptile and Amphibian Corner to view local
iguanas, tortoises, crocodiles, frogs etc. Visitors can also snuggle up with our friendly python for a memorable snapshot!
Next to the reptile’s corner is the House of Fishes where visitors
can differentiate the variety of local fresh water fishes. This facility also features scorpions and centipedes.

Experience for your family to enjoy a myriad of funfilled activities.

The recreation center is a one-stop station providing visitors with information on all recreational activities available at the Resort. Located strategically, it houses the Resort's mini forestry museum, mini zoo, orchid and herbs garden, a tree house, an archery range, obstacle and low rope courses.

This center also provides basic accommodation facilities to groups and budget travelers at its campsite.

The staff are trained to facilitate group activities ranging from :
Rafting and water based activities at the recreation lake.
Group games and telematches.
Jungle survival skills demonstrations
Mountain biking and cycling expeditions
Nature educational tours including jungle trekking.
Team building programmes

Experience for your family to enjoy a myriad of funfilled activities.
Ever imagine that you might be stranded or lost in the jungle and help is nowhere in sight ? How can one survive or stay alive in the wilds for an indefinite period ? Do not be alarmed as the jungle is always neutral.

Some knowledge of basic survival principles is essential to overcome the initial fear and gain confidence.

Come to Desaru Jungle Survival Village for a demonstration* on basic survival living skills using jungle resources including

Identifying edible and poisonous plants & animals
Uses of herbal and medicinal plants as first aid
Obtaining water and firemaking.
Building temporary shelter
Art of trapping
Cooking in the jungle
Basic Navigation

* Four days advance booking is required.

Experience for your family to enjoy a myriad of funfilled activities.
Within this compound is old logger’s structure (Kongsi) left by the loggers in December 2001. Desaru was damage by the Storm Vamie which strike and fell most of big trees in the forest. This Kongsi was converted and maintained as a Mini Forestry Museum which exhibits the type of tools used for logging and display the species of logs originated in Desaru. This facility will provide an insight of Desaru’s natural forest and also provide knowledge on the role of tropical forest, forest management, nature conservation, nature regeneration and rehabilitation.

Visitors can contribute on our reforestration program by paying nominal fee for tree-planting activities in the deforested area.

Adjacent to the Forestry Museum is the Mushroom House.Visitors can have the opportunity to view growing of mushrooms and the harvesting process. Mushroom here is on high demand, if one is lucky, he might have a chance to purchase our fresh harvested stock.

Experience for your family to enjoy a myriad of funfilled activities.
A must in our team building exercise ! Build your own raft, trust your creation and above all it's a race against time. Stay afloat and experience various maneuvers in the resort's recreational lake to accomplish team's mission

Participants will be thought on the use of compass, maps and basic navigational skills. Get organized, chart your routes and be prepared to march through terrains and checkpoints. Test your team's endurance and patience too !

Go through our 7-elements obstacle course. Its not extreme but tough enough for teams to get through to the last obstacle. It's a game of initiatives and improvisation. Of course time and physical fitness will be the telling factors.

Experience the sight and sound of the wild at night in the jungle. Observe nature and its habitats in the dark. One might be lucky to spot wild boar, mouse deer or even fire flies during this guided tour.

Experience for your family to enjoy a myriad of funfilled activities.
Desaru Resort, renowned for staging some international sporting events, offers a host of sports activities and facilities to visitors all year round. The choice is yours for the taking as its only a step away from your place of stay…

Experience riding around the resort's 6 km cross country trail. You may bring your own bike or hire one from the resort recreation center and manouvre till your heart content.

Speed or cruise on go kart around the designated kart circuit available at the public beach park. Guts and speed are the essence of this sport.

Hold your breath and savour the sights of Desaru beaches, its hinterland and the South China Sea from the air. Gliding is made simpler with the assistance of a trained facilitator throughout your mission.

Make it a point to test your skill at this primitive sport whenever you're in the resort. Our trained facilitators will provide you with valuable instructions to make you a better archer… or perhaps Robin Hood.

This is the latest addition to Desaru sports. Ride around the specially designed cross country circuit or on the open ground of the Resort. Its simple and fun but anticipation is the name of the game.

Experience for your family to enjoy a myriad of funfilled activities.
Getting bored with the hustle and bustle of city life? Need to take your loved ones for a break by the beach? Get away from it all by taking a day or a holiday in Desaru.

The public beach park provides your need for either a family outing or fun filled activities by the beach. Savour the sights and sounds of clear water, white sandy beaches and cool breeze of South China Sea. Action is also centred around the all terrain vehicle (ATV) and the go-kart circuit.

Basic amenities such as washroom and toilets, ample car parking space, picnic gazebos/shelters are provided for the public. Wet your appetite at the nearby 'warong style' food court which offers a wide selection of local and western cuisines.

So don't let the sun goes down on you!