hey all, just want to make this real quick. to be honest i am not familiar with the chalet in singapore, in term of their promotions and prices etc.

i asked my friend, who is always the one to book the chalet. i told her we got about 10 people, so she recommended instead of aloha loyang, which got a bigger room, we can go downtown east instead. one room is enough.

she gave me this link... and because now is 330 am, the system is down from 1 to 5am.. haha so i wasn't able to check the price etc.

can go wild wild wet if we stay at downtown east. =) downtown east is at pasir ris so perhaps this is also the one cindy is checking with.

ok. here is the link:

and i just want to check if we still stick to the old dates i.e.: 19th - 20th? because i will be back to batu pahat on 17th and i will stay there until after christmas... so ya. i got to arrange for that if we are still going out on 19th and 20th.

all right. hope to see the update soon. =) looking forward to the trip!