haha...my hand quite itchy so now post my comment in this trip. Although the time we stay together quite short, this trip really very nice and fun...I think all of us quite energetic cause all of us jumping all the time...haha..really funny -our jumping poses!!i want to say sorry that sometime i look so fatigue because i am sick and period...so..haha..but i really cherish this precious memory!!!after this, we all have to stay back to our old position..working and studying..Hoping for that next gathering and depend on our coming leader lol..hee

最佳摄影奖 - cindy, fern fern (那些跳跃照片)
最佳搞xiao奖 - kang ling, hui yee, fern fern
最佳贵妇奖 - farn ying
最佳大胃奖 - doris, lion, fern fern
最佳k歌奖 - siew ping, hui yee
最佳blur blur 奖 - siew ping (forget her handphone and loss her shampoo accidently), cai wei
(forget prepare the present)
最佳造型惊艳奖 - kang ling (because the horn)
最佳性感奖 - cai wei
最佳跳跃奖 - kang ling, cindy, fern fern
最佳长气奖 - siew ping, hui yee (talk until...)
最佳录影奖 - farn ying
最佳洗发剂广告 - doris (够长)

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