~Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year~

First and foremost, i would like to wish all my beloved sisters A Merry Merry Christmas and A Happy Happy New Year!!

I've edited a new picture here. Despite celebrating christmas, I've also added our lovely Caryne and JohZing inside the picture! Don't SCOLD me again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA.... Though it's a bit weird, but it looks just nice~

Take care everybody, I'll come here more often. Look forward for our CNY gathering!

P/S: A special THANKS to Jasmine, Thank You for the greeting card. It's lovely.

Note: Caryne, Lulu, Fern, ChaiWe, HuiYee, BehBeh...Kindly collect your Greeting Cards from me asap! (It's given by our Dearest Jasmine.)