caryne ya...i got wish u through sms is on that dy ya??? the right choice to organize the trip...great idea cindy (miss u o!!!!) but if in s'gapore also great cause d Christmastime is quite nice at there...but in genting also best lar...this trip must be organize before 20 of dec 0 cause ah do go bac dy after that!!! the most important is we can gather together ma...ah dai alos very great ar got open a new blog fr ur sakai frenz...dun give up la!!!then, lau lau, d journal title is about biotech wo...because i got tk biotech for this sem..and as a teacher , i need to study wide option la... i even study plant and animal systematic....not an easy job to b'com a glad to hear from u al when the next tim gathering must tk leng leng photos camera d pls bring during the trip lar...from beh beh