Hello everyone~ DoRis here.

I'm so glad to announce that I've picked my topic for Thesis today. But I need some help.

My topic is "Biodegradation of phenol/Crude Oil by Thermophilic Bacteria isolated from hotspring."

LauLau: Can u help me to get some information on dat from ur library? I hope to get some extra information from Singapore.

The rest of my fellow friends, if u're free n willing to help me to find some information from ur library(as long as not library of UMS, Sabah here) can de...I will be very glad. U guys can either email me o photocopy for me. I'll pay u then.

I will do my proposal during tis holiday, when i go back bp. So I nid all sorts of information from all over the place. Please lar~
If u guys cant do it also nevermind. It's ok.